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Harmony Balls

Harmony Ball Pendants & Harmony Ball Necklaces from Dazzlers

This is a MUST READ ARTICLE .... Beware 'Fake Sterling Silver' Harmony Balls

As it is with many other items, Chinese manufacturers are producing ‘copies’ of Balinese Harmony Ball pendants (and have been for many years now), and the deception is that these copies are NOT made from Sterling Silver – they are merely ‘coated’ with sterling silver. These Harmony Balls are made from a poor quality Brass alloy or Alpaca, a low grade material made from a hotch botch of minerals (often passed off as Sterling Silver) and then coated. These fake sterling silver Harmony Balls are found on all types of sites on the internet, some are big name reputable sites (read more)


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Harmony Ball Images - page 5

The following page shows images of some of the various types of Harmony Ball Pendants and Necklaces available from Dazzlers Accessories. Click on the image or link to go to our Online Store

harmony ball embossed with hearts Sterling Silver Harmony Ball with Raised Hearts

harmony ball with black chime ball and onyx gem Sterling Silver Harmony Ball with Black Onyx Gemstone and Black Chime Ball


harmony ball with blue quartz gem Harmony Ball with Blue Quartz Gemstone

harmony ball with moonstone gem Harmony Ball with Moonstone Gemstone

 harmony ball heart shape with garnet gem Heart Shape Harmony Ball Necklace with Red Garnet Gemstone

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Harmony Ball for Pregnant Women

What is a Harmony Ball? A Harmony ball is a unique ball made from silver which produces a harmony sound like a soft wind chime producing a soothing effect.
A Harmony Ball or also called a Dream ball is primarily used for meditation or relaxation, therapeutic, or decorative purposes. A Harmony Ball contains semi precious stones or a small silver bell, and when we shake the harmony ball, it produces a unique and soothing chime sound and that can help make us feel relaxed. It is most often worn as a harmony ball necklace.
The origin of the Harmony Ball is said to be from Mexico where they usually use this ball for pregnant woman. They shake the ball frequently at the front of their tummy, near the baby inside. They believe that the harmony sound coming from the harmony ball (they sometimes also call it a “baby ball”) could increase the baby’s emotional stability and even the baby’s IQ too. They believe that the sound is better than classical music. Hence these lovely pieces of jewelry make a beautiful pregnancy gift idea for someone expecting a baby.
A new pregnant mother wears the harmony ball like wearing a necklace with a long necklace chain or cord so that the harmony ball is situated near the mother’s tummy. When the mother wears the harmony necklace during their pregnancy , the harmony ball will always be ringing when they move, and the baby inside will able to hear the soft soothing chime coming from the harmony ball necklace. And when the baby is born, they will be familiar with that harmony sound and they will feel comfortable when they hear that sound from the harmony ball. Mommy and daddy could use that ball to soothe the baby when the baby could not stop crying.
If you are pregnant now and you want to try a harmony ball for your baby , you could get it from the source below, please click this link to get a unique design Harmony necklace.

more Harmony Ball images can be found here http://picsity.com/harmonyball/shares, http://wanelo.com/harmonyball/collections/harmony-balls-angel-callers-bola-necklaces and http://www.pinterest.com/harmonyball/ , http://www.pinterest.com/harmonyball/harmony-balls/ , http://www.pinterest.com/harmonyball/baby-shower-gift-ideas/ , http://www.pinterest.com/harmonyball/angel-callers-bola-necklaces-pregnancy-chime-neckl/

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