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Harmony Ball Images - page 4

Harmony Ball Pendants & Harmony Ball Necklaces from Dazzlers

This is a MUST READ ARTICLE .... Beware 'Fake Sterling Silver' Harmony Balls 

As it is with many other items, Chinese manufacturers are producing ‘copies’ of Balinese Harmony Ball pendants (and have been for many years now), and the deception is that these copies are NOT made from Sterling Silver – they are merely ‘coated’ with sterling silver. These Harmony Balls are made from a poor quality Brass alloy or Alpaca, a low grade material made from a hotch botch of minerals (often passed off as Sterling Silver) and then coated. These fake sterling silver Harmony Balls are found on all types of sites on the internet, some are big name reputable sites (read more)


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The following page shows images of some of the various types of Harmony Ball Pendants and Necklaces available from Dazzlers Accessories. Click on the image or link to go to our Dazzlers Online Store

Harmony Ball in antique sterling silver finish Harmony Ball in Antique Sterling Silver finish 

Harmony Ball with Green Chime Ball Harmony Ball in Sterling Silver Cage with Green Chime Ball 

 Harmony Ball with Red Garnet Gemstone and Brass Chime Ball

harmony ball with turquoise gem Sterling Silver Harmony Ball with Turquoise Gemstone

Harmony Ball with blue chime ballHarmony Ball in Sterling Silver Cage with Blue Chime Ball

harmony ball pendant with turtle Harmony Necklace with Sterling Silver Turtle on Brass Chime Ball


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Buying a Harmony Ball from a Jewellery Online Store

Thinking of buying a Harmony Ball from a jewellery online store? So what is holding you back? Some people still are reticent to make purchases online mainly due to security concerns, quality of the product(s) and fear of being ripped off. Well those concerns may have been valid a few years ago however’ in today’s e-commerce world most of the unscrupulous rogue dealers have been weeded out. Most e-commerce sites today also have SSL certificates which guarantee that credit card transactions are securely encrypted. Additionally the likes of PayPal, major credits cards and others have buyer protection policies in place that allow you to get a refund if your purchase seems sub-standard or fraudulent.

So buying a Harmony Ball or any piece of jewellery from an online jewellery store should not create any angst in respect to the financial transaction side of things but what about quality? How can you tell if you are going to get a quality product? The quality of the website, its position in the search results and even that gut feeling will make you feel comfortable buying from a particular site. Generally you will be pleased with your purchase (if not then you have recourse as above) and once you have found a good reliable site you will tend to return. If your first experience of a site is not good then try another next time.

Most Harmony Ball Necklace items available at jewellery online stores are of good quality and generally hand made from Sterling Silver. The majority of Harmony Ball Pendants come from Bali in Indonesia where they have been part of the culture for centuries. Sterling Silver Harmony Balls from Bali are made by village silversmiths using traditional methods of jewellery making handed down through the generations. These silversmiths form part of a cottage industry network in Bali making all manner of crafts as well as jewellery.

Harmony Ball Pendants are widely worn as a Harmony Ball Necklace and are often worn by pregnant women. The soft chime sound emanating from the chime ball which is the integral part of the Harmony Ball tends to soothe the unborn baby in the womb, then once born the young child associates with the soothing effect of the Harmony Ball that the mother continues to wear. Aside from Sterling Silver for the outer skin or cage of the Harmony Ball the village silversmiths will use brass and other materials for the Chime Ball. The combination of Sterling Silver and Brass can make for a stunning jewellery piece.

Harmony Balls are sometimes also adorned with Gemstones and when a gemstone is part of a Harmony Ball it is often referred to as a Dream Ball. Even though you cannot hear the tinkle sound of a Harmony Ball chime on an online jewellery store you can still appreciate its beauty and look forward to hearing the sound when you receive your new Harmony Ball in the mail.

About the Author: Mike O'Shannessy is an expert in Harmony Balls and writes for a number of Jewellery Online sites.

Some examples of the Harmony Necklaces and Pregnancy Necklaces in our product range are featured below

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